Our Favourite Camo Looks Pre-Jenner

It takes a bit of conditioning for some to remember that trends existed before the Kardashian-Jenners. Boasting 95M followers on Instagram it’s no surprise that the youngest of the Kardashian clan, although legally a Jenner, has been accredited with setting trends and influencing fashion and makeup. With the success of her makeup line and the indefinitely sold out Kylie Lip Kits, applause to the 19 year-old for becoming an ‘independent’ businesswoman… it seemed apt that her entrepreneurial instincts would kick in, prompting her to roll out more branches under the Kylie name.

Kylie’s new line, which launched yesterday, featured an exclusively all-camouflage line of goods – sweatpants, hats, swimsuits to lighters. The marketing tool? Herself of course.

But pre-Jenner, camouflage has always been had its ins and outs with fashion. The print first appeared in an issue of VOGUE in 1943, then reappeared in 1971 as a style feature. Andy Warhol further popularized the print with the debut of his Camouflage Series right around the time when it exploded on the street style scene in response to the Vietnam War. Since then the print has shed its burdened association and has debuted on couture and luxury pieces.

Let’s take a look at our favourite camouflage ensembles that’ve been put together the right way.

1. The Sk8er Boy-Girl in the height of the Y2K camo movement

2. OG Destiny’s Child… when they were four

3. Bad Girl Riri

4. Gwen Stefani’s always impeccable fashion sense

5. Susie Bubble’s street style

6. Jeremy Scott’s 2013 Colourful Camo Line

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